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  • 2013/03/01

    March 2013 at the CSI

    Vorticity magnitude in a turbulent channel flow with blowing from below and suction from above.

    CSI Calendar Image for March

    M.Sc. Victor Avsarkisov, Dr.-Ing. George Khujadze, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Oberlack

  • 2013/02/18

    Lecture by Prof.Jianjun Wang, March 6th, 2013

    “Anti-icing polymer surfaces”

  • 2013/02/18

    Lecture by Prof. Roberto Raiteri, February 20th, 2013

    “Quantitative clinical characterization of articular cartilage by Atomic Force Microscopy”

  • 2013/02/05

    CSI Papers of the Month January 2013

    The following CSI publications are published CSI Papers of the Month January 2013. Congratulations to the authors.

  • 2013/02/01

    Analytical expression for flow field over cavity derived

    Investigation of flow over cavity that is filled with a second immiscible fluid

    A surface cavity filled with a fluid over which a second immiscible fluid flows is one of the basic building blocks of a “smart interface”. Now researchers from the Institute for Nano- and Microfluidics have been able to derive an analytical expression describing the flow field along the surface. The expression is valid for arbitrary viscosity ratios between the two fluids.

  • 2013/02/01

    February 2013 at the CSI

    Candle soot as a template for a transparent
superamphiphobic coating. Scanning electron
microscope (SEM) image of the carbon

    CSI Calendar Image for February

    Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Butt, Dr. Doris Vollmer, M.Sc. Xu Deng

  • 2013/01/30

    The Capillary Channel Flow experiment on the International Space Station

    Talk by Michael Dreyer (ZARM Bremen), February 5th, 2013

    Between January and March 2011 scientists from DLR, ZARM Bremen, NASA and the Portland State University conducted a Capillary Channel Flow experiment on the International Space Station. The purpose of this endeavor is to investigate the behaviour of capillary flow through open capillary channels in an environment of compensated gravity.

  • 2013/03/11

    Masterarbeit zu vergeben

    Ghost-Fluid-Methode in Zweiphasenströmungen

  • 2013/01/18

    Combustion Synthesis of Complex Oxides and Sulfides of Submicron Dispersion with Possible Influence of Electrical Field

    Presentation by Prof. DSc Andrey Markov

    On February 4th, 2013 Prof. DSc Andrey Markov from the Institute for Problems in Mechanics at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, will hold a presentation. It is entitled “Combustion Synthesis of Complex Oxides and Sulfides of Submicron Dispersion with Possible Influence of Electrical Field”.

  • 2013/01/17

    Under pressure

    The research reactor SUR-100 was in use from 1963 to 1985. Photo: Darmstädter Hochschulnachrichten, Universitätsarchiv TU Darmstadt

    Exhibition at karo 5 shows history of the institute Reaktortechnik at TU Darmstadt

    An exhibition shows the development of the institute “Reaktortechnik” (reactor engineering) at TU Darmstadt from its beginning in 1962. The exposition focuses on the reorientation of the institute's research in the years after the Chernobyl disaster and a further restructuring to the Department of Energy Systems and Technology in 2004. With the latter TU Darmstadt responded to the changes in society regarding nuclear power.