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  • 2012/07/17

    Doctoral position (full time)

    in Experimental Soft Matter Physics / Physical Chemistry

    At the Center of Smart Interfaces of the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany, a doctoral position is available from October 1st 2012 for 3 years. Full time is also possible, depending on the candidate’s back-ground, with TV-H 13 or comparable remuneration. The project is in collaboration with the Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung (BAM) in Berlin.

  • 2012/07/03

    CSI Papers of the Month June 2012

    The following CSI publications are published CSI Papers of the Month June 2012. Congratulations to the authors.

  • 2012/07/01

    July 2012 at the CSI


    CSI Calendar Image for July

    Dr. Valentina Marcon, Prof. Dr. Nico van der Vegt

  • 2012/06/27

    Extending the limits of simulation

    The 7th OpenFOAM® was held June 25th to 28th 2012 in Darmstadt.

    Impressions from the 7th OpenFOAM® Workshop in Darmstadt

    On June 25th 2012 the 7th OpenFOAM® Workshop started in Darmstadt. With more than 350 participants it is the largest OpenFOAM® community event of the world. The event intends to bring together developers and users of this open source simulation platform for computational fluid dynamics, to promote collaborative activities, exchange information and share experiences in similar areas of interest.

  • 2012/06/26

    Erweiterung des CFD-Programms FS3D auf viskoelastische Strömungen und Anwendung auf Tropfenkollisionen


  • 2012/06/25


    Thema: Konstruktion eines Filmlegers und Integration in einen Tropfenaufprall-Prüfstand

  • 2012/06/25


    Thema: Design und Erprobung von Oberflächenstrukturen zur Bewertung von pool fires

  • 2012/06/22

    Trip into the realm of interfaces

    Mit dem Zeitverschiebungsverfahren können Größe, Geschwindigkeit und Brechungsindex von Partikeln und Flüssigkeitstropfen erfasst werden.

    By Juri Loose and Tobias Müller

    Seemingly smooth surfaces appear as nano mountain ranges under an atomic force microscope. Liquids rise in capillary tubes or roll off surfaces as drops of different shapes. Simulated flows in computer programmes show the aerodynamics of a car or aeroplane. From June 11th to 22nd Juri Loose and Tobias Müller discovered the research on phenomena at surfaces. They had the chance to do a two week internship at the CSI and report on their impressions.

  • 2012/06/19

    Master- oder Bachelorarbeit (Experimentell)

    Elektrohydrodynamische Energiewandlung mittels Corona-Entladungen an nano-strukturierten Elektroden

  • 2012/06/18

    Cluster of Exzellence 259 not approved for second phase of Excellence Initiative

    The cluster's concept for sustainability now to be adjusted together with the university executives

    The proposal for a second funding period of the Cluster of Excellence 259 “Smart Interfaces – Understanding and Designing Fluid Boundaries” was not approved. This was announced on June 15th by the Joint Commission, consisting of members of the German Research Foundation, the German Council of Science and Humanities and the state and federal ministers for education and research.