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  • 2012/03/28

    The CSI at the GAMM Annual Meeting 2012

    Picture: S. Keuth

    From March 26th – 30th, 2012 the annual meeting of the International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (GAMM) is held at the TU Darmstadt.

  • 2012/03/27

    Lecture by Prof. Philip Varghese, 04.04.2012

    “Improved Multiple-Pass Raman Instrument for Flame Diagnostics”

  • 2012/03/19

    Lecture by Prof. Papastavrou, 23.03.2012

    “Interaction Forces and Micromanipulation in Electrochemical Systems”

  • 2012/03/19


    Sphärisches Partikel

    Wirkmechanismus von Dispergieradditiven

    Experimentelle Masterarbeit in Kooperation mit EVONIK Industries

  • 2012/03/08

    Master-Thesis CIMEX – Convection and Interfacial Mass Exchange

    Mater-Arbeit zu vergeben

    CIMEX ist der Titel der von der European Space Agency (esa) ausgewählten Experimente zur wissenschaftlichen Untersuchung der grenzflächennahen Kopplung von Verdampfung und Konvektion. CIMEX Experimente werden im Fluid Science Laboratory (FSL) der International Space Station (ISS) durchgeführt. Die wissenschaftliche Zusammenarbeit wird von der Université Libre de Bruxelles koordiniert.

  • 2012/03/06


    Sebastian Keuth, M.A.

    The CSI welcomes Sebastian Keuth in the administrative team

  • 2012/03/05

    Introduction Daisy-Fun-Lab, 04.04.2012

    The laboratory „Darmstadt Integrated System for Fundamental Research“ of the group “Electrochemistry and Nanocatalysis” will be introduced on April 4th, 2012.

  • 2012/03/02

    CSI Papers of the Month February 2012

    The following CSI publications are published CSI Papers of the Month February 2012. Congratulations to the authors.

  • 2012/03/01

    March 2012 at the CSI

    Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) image of hierarchically structured droplets of ionic liquid deposited on a silicon wafer surface. The width of the image is 25µm.

    CSI Calendar Image for March

    Dr. rer. nat. Elmar Bonaccurso, Dr. rer. nat. Lars-Oliver Heim

  • 2012/02/14

    February 2012 at the CSI

    Time-averaged flame luminescence emissions of the Stratified Burner at full power

    CSI Calendar Image for February

    Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Dreizler, Dipl.-Ing. Thabo Stahler, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dirk Geyer