Profile Area Thermo-Fluids & Interfaces

Profile Area Thermo-Fluids & Interfaces

The profile area Thermo-Fluids & Interfaces (TFI) consolidates numerous research activities at the TU Darmstadt in the fields of fluid dynamics, combustion, and heat and mass transfer.

In particular, it attempts to promote fundamental and contractual research involving more than one institute. This is accomplished on the one hand by making known internally and to external partners the potential and capabilities available at the TU Darmstadt; on the other hand the TFI assists with necessary internal organisational and contractual measures to realise such projects.

Global scientific objectives:

  • Understanding transport phenomena (mass, momentum,energy and species)
  • Modelling and predicting transport processes
  • Controlling transport processes
  • Optimising the influencing parameters to increase efficiency of processes and machines
  • Designing and realising technical demonstrators
  • Transferring knowledge, methods and techniques into industrial applications

Cooperation and exchange with industrial partners

Further to a strong program of fundamental research, the members of TFI maintain extensive contact with industrial partners and carry out application-orientated research projects.


  • 2018/04/13

    Peter Stephan receives ICHMT Fellowship Award

    Prof Peter C. Stephan, Image: Technische Universität Darmstadt

    International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer Fellowship Award

    Prof Peter Stephan (TTD) and Yogesh Jaluria (Rutgers University) receive the Fellowship Award 2016 of the International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer (ICHMT).

  • 2018/04/04

    Workshop on Mathematical Fluid Dynamics

    Bad Boll, Germany, May 7-11, 2018

    The German-Japanese International Research Training Group on Mathematical Fuid Dynamics will end after a very successful period of nine years in May 2018. A final workshop will be held on this occasion in Bad Boll, Germany, during May 7-11, 2018.

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  • 2018/03/14

    21. DGLR-Fachsymposium der STAB


    6. – 7. November 2018 in Darmstadt

    In der Deutschen Strömungsmechanischen Arbeitsgemeinschaft (STAB) sind alle wichtigen Gebiete der Strömungsmechanik – insbesondere die der Luft- und Raumfahrt – aus Grundlagenforschung, Großforschung und Industrie in Deutschland zusammengeschlossen. Das STAB Symposium setzt sich zum Ziel, den fachlichen Austausch im Rahmen einer Konferenz anzuregen und die aktuelle Forschung zu fördern. Es findet vom 06. bis 07.11. 2018 in Darmstadt statt.

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