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  • 2016/06/08

    Particle-motion attractors in three-dimensional steady incompressible flows by flow topology and particle-boundary interaction

    Presentation by Prof. Hendrik Kuhlmann (TU Wien), June 30, 2016

    The motion far from boundaries of a spherical particle suspended in a fluid can be approximated by the Maxey-Riley equation or even by the advection equation if the Stokes and particle Reynolds numbers are sufficiently small. Near boundaries, however, this approximation breaks down. As a result of its finite size the particle experiences a repulsive force from the boundary.

  • 2016/05/26

    Liquids meet surfaces

    Benetzungsstörung beim Beschichten und Trocknen einer OLED-Halbleiterschicht. Bild: Peter Stephan und Sebastian Keuth

    New Collaborative Resarch Centre on transport and wetting processes

    In many technologies the dynamic wetting or de-wetting of surfaces by liquids plays a prominent role. A new Collaborative Research Center at TU Darmstadt will strongly focus on this research topic. The project is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) with 11 Million Euros for the next four years and will start on July 1, 2016.

    SFB 1194 Website

  • 2016/05/21

    Progress Report 2015 of TU Darmstadt published

    The Progress Report 2015. Image: Jan-Christoph Hartung

    Special focus on resarch profile

    The current issue of the progress report of TU Darmstadt illustrates the interdisciplinary development and achievments of the university with reports, news, interviews and picture series. The report includes a special focus on the research profile.

  • 2016/05/19

    CHE University Ranking 2016: Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering among the top

    Students very satisfied with their study conditions

    The CHE University Ranking 2016 has awarded top scores for the engineering and natural sciences at TU Darmstadt: According to the ranking, students are “very satisfied” with their study conditions in the departments Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Chemistry.

  • 2016/05/11

    We are part of the TU Darmstadt Science Day 2016

    Institutes of Profile Area Thermo-Fluids & Interfaces participate in "hellwach!"

    The Science Day “hellwach!” on June 19th, 2016, is an opportunity to get to know the TU Darmstadt and to learn about some of our research areas.

    Further information, programme and registration (in German):

  • 2016/04/27

    New textbook coauthored and coedited by IDD scientists

    Cover des 2016 erschienen Lehrbuchs

    Introductory knwoledge of organic and printed electronics

    The first textbook on organic and printed electronics has been published. It is coedited and coauthored by IDD scientists.

  • 2016/04/21

    Profile area TFI at Hannover Messe 2016

    Novel surface patterning process and high-resolution surface replication

    At this year's Hannover Messe TFI scientists present two projects at the Hessian universities' joint stand: A novel manufacturing process of optical elements and a concept device for high-resolution surface replication.

  • 2016/04/15

    First Public Workshop of SCARLET project

    April 20, 2016, Darmstadt

    The project SCARLET has the objective to investigate and scale up the Calcium Carbonate Looping (CCL) technology for CO2 capture by means of limestone. Topics of the workshop: Experimental results from a 1 MWth pilot plant with more than 200 hours stable operation, Development and validation of CFD & process models, Concept of an up-scaled 20 MWth pilot plant, Integration of CCL into full-scale power, cement, and steel plants.

  • 2016/03/21

    Sie sprudeln unaufhörlich

    Zahlreiche Forschungsdaten müssen an der TU Darmstadt gespeichert werden. Bild: Katrin Binner

    Digitale Forschungsdaten an der TU Darmstadt

    Die TU Darmstadt lenkt ihr Augenmerk auf systematisches Forschungsdatenmanagement (FDM) in Forschung und Lehre. Sie greift damit bundesweite Initiativen der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft und der Hochschulrektorenkonferenz auf.

  • 2016/03/16

    Summer School on Near-Wall Reactive Flows

    June 6-10, 2016, Bensheim, Germany

    The ICISS-Summer School in cooperation with TU Darmstadt and ERCOFTAC is intended to report on the status and perspective of experimental, theoretical, and numerical techniques for understanding, describing, and designing near-wall reactive flows in diverse scientific and engineering fields. Furthermore, it aims at providing an opportunity for researchers and interested workers to present the state of the art, discuss new challenges and developments, and exchange ideas in the areas of near-wall reactive flows.