The talk is scheduled for 25 minutes each with a following discussion of 20 minutes.
May 20th 2010
L1 08 / 23
5.00 pm: Alexander Duchmann: “Transition Control with Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuators”
5.45 pm: Thomas Kania: “Development and Integration of a Micro Combustor in a Micro Energy Converter”
June 10th 2010
L1 08 / 23
5.00 pm: Claudia Herbers: “Hierarchical modeling of polymer coating systems”
5.45 pm: Thomas Hahn: “Interfacial electrokinetic transport phenomena and their impact on DNA electrophoresis in microfluidics”
June 17th 2010
L1 08 / 23
5.00 pm: Michael Kröger: “Modelling and VOF-Simulation of reactive mass transfer at fluidic

5.45 pm: Roozbeh Mousavi B. Teymouri: “Numerical investigation of the contact line dynamics applying the discontinuous Galerkin method”
June 24th 2010
L1 08 / 23
5.00 pm: Emiliano Brini: “Coarse graining of toluene molecule for speed-up molecular dynamics simulations”
5.45 pm: Benjamin Lambie: “Leading and Trailing-Edge Flaps for Passive Load Alleviation”
July 1st 2010
L1 01 / 293
5.00 pm: Clarissa Steffes: “Enhancing Electroosmotic Flow”
5.45 pm: Philipp Trunk: “High-speed imaging diagnostics for the investigation of transient combustion phenomena”
July 8th 2010
- cancelled -
July 15th 2010
L1 08 / 23
5.00 pm: Katrin Barckmann: “Dielectric-Barrier Discharge Plasmas for Flow Control at Higher Mach Numbers”
5.45 pm: Benjamin Böhm: “Temperature and Mixing Field Measurements in Stratified Lean Premixed Turbulent Flames”