Info mailserver migration groupware CSI / SLA 12.01- 13.01.2016


From january 12th, 2016 until january 13th, 20116 all CSI and SLA mailboxes will be converted to use the Exchange Groupware from the HRZ:´ 12.01.2016 – beginning mailserver change from HRZ In the afternoon of the 12.01.2016 – user access to new mailbox -> manual user activity required! – configuration of the new mailbox on each software client per user (parallel to existing mailbox in Outlook or Thunderbird) -> manual user activity required! – manual migration of mailbox content to new mailbox -> manual user activity required! – mail services possibly not available 13.01.2016 – delivery of incoming mails in the new mailbox – sending mails only possible from new mailbox – mail services possibly not available 31.01.2016 – automated access deactivation to old mailboxes – automated deletion of old mailbox and mailbox content – finish of conversion / mailserver migration Basic information and FAQ on the part of the HRZ for the “Exchange Groupware”: Configuration Outlook 2010 Client: Configuration Thunderbird Client: Access with the web interface OWA: Username: TU-ID Please contact us if you need support or having other questions about the mailserver migration via mail or phone.