Reading up upon TFI

Please find below a selection of articles about members, institutes or research topics of the TU Darmstadt Profile Area “Thermo-Fluids & Interfaces”. German titles suggest that content is available in German only.

Improving energy efficiency with Thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and heat and mass transfer

From combustion and aircraft engine to process engineering and microtechnology: Thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and heat and mass transfer are the scientific disciplines determining energy efficiency. (Article in German)

TU Darmstadt Science Magazine “forschen”, Issue 1/2012 (PDF)

Interview with Prof. Dr. Bernd Epple

“Researchers at the Technische Universität Darmstadt are hoping to discover emission-free ways of burning natural gas or coal. The technology is based on flame-free combustion. Prof. Dr. Bernd Epple, head of the department of energy systems and energy technology at the TU Darmstadt, explains the ECLAIR project. His team in the research partnership is investigating the “Emission Free Chemical Looping Coal Combustion Process”.” (Source: BINE Informationsdienst,

BINE Informationsdienst, retrieved April 23rd, 2013

TU Darmstadt invests € 1,3 million in engine test benches.

Despite the hype about electric vehicles TU Darmstadt continues to focus on combustion engines as part of the research cluster „Thermo-Fluids and Combustion Engineering“. (Article in German)
hoch3, september 2011 issue (PDF)

The Center of Smart Interfaces is a topic in the autumn-publication 2009 of the TU science magazine „forschen“.

forschen 2009 “Center of Smart Interfaces”