Research Areas

The research projects within Thermo-Fluids & Interfaces can – with more or less large intersections – be assigned to the following five areas:

Flow Control

  • Development of passive, active and reactive technologies for flow control
  • Unique rapid prototyping and flow measurement capabilities

Heat and Mass Transfer Enhancement

  • Fundamental research on heat and mass transfer processes
  • Design of surfaces with desired heat and mass transfer properties

Multiphase Flows

  • Understanding and modeling multiphase flows and flows with phase change
  • Atomization, microfluidics, optics and thin film processes

Reactive Flows and Combustion

  • Detailed understanding of reactive flows during physico-chemical conversion processes of raw materials
  • In-situ measurements by advanced laser diagnostics
  • Modeling and optimization of combustion processes

Static and Dynamic Wettability

  • Dynamics of wetting for simple and complex liquids
  • Development of mathematical models and computer tools
  • Design of surfaces with desired wetting and dewetting properties