Multiphase Flows

This research area focuses on the fundamental study of multiphase flows in the vicinity of interfaces.

The scientific objectives are related to the following flow types: dispersed flows, discontinuous flows and flows with phase change. All the proposed research topics are explicitly related to a spectrum of existing and emerging industrial applications. Emphasis will be placed on novel strategies for influencing and controlling the flow structure, stability, atomization and dynamics.

The model processes to be examined include

  • drops and spray collisions with surfaces
  • wavy flows in films and rivulets
  • flow disintegration and coalescence
  • near-wall phase change.

Newtonian and non-Newtonian liquids, mixtures, suspensions and emulsions will be investigated. The major long-term goals of this Research Area include tailored atomization, control of spray/drop/film interaction with walls, management of the near-wall solidification, and development of controllable and switchable multiphase microfluidic systems.


  • The fundamental understanding of droplet dynamics is the critical prerequisite to the prediction of natural processes and the optimization of technical systems. Many of these processes happen under extreme ambient conditions – that is where the CRC-TRR 75 comes into play.
  • Scientists at the Institute for Fluid Dynamics develop highly accurate algorithms for the simulation of multiphase flows.